Accreditation For Austin Tamil School

admin@qs3 | June 12, 2018

By Mahendran Nagarajan

Victory ! Victory !! Long term dream came true for Tamil speaking people who live in Austin. Yes, Austin Tamil School has been Accredited.

We all should be proud to recognize that Austin Tamil School is one of the many Tamil school who have got similar Accreditation in United States of America.

This Accreditation certificate has been released to the public by Dr.Chinna Natesan on April-1,2018 at the picnic event hosted by Austin Tamil School.

Austin Tamil School was founded in 2012 as a registered 501(c)(3) non-profit organization with a 100% volunteer-run organization where classes conducted on Sundays as a part-time School with curriculum designed by American Tamil Academy.

It was started as a pilot program with about 20 students and six volunteer teachers. In 2017-18 academic year, it has grown into a 170+ student organization supported by over 50 volunteers as teachers, facilitators, and administrators.

Austin Tamil School long term goal was obtaining Language Other Than English (LOTE) credit in the respective Texas Independent School Districts(ISD) which will help the students to get due recognition for their foreign language learning abilities.

As a first step of achieving this goal, Austin Tamil School should get an Accreditation from a 3rd party agency, to meet this goal an Accreditation committee has been formed in September-2016, they had worked with various similar Tamil schools in other cities such as Houston, St. Louis and San Antonio to gather preliminary details.

This committee has decided to work with AdvancED ( – a non-profit, non-governmental organization that accredits primary and secondary schools throughout the United States and internationally) to help achieve their Accreditation. Initial Readiness Review was presented by AdvancED in January-2017. Few of the committee members had attended AdvancED work shop during summer-2017.

Austin Tamil School was preparing the detailed documents on each activity and made improvements on some of the internal process to help achieve Accreditation. This team met several times to perform an internal assessment to get ready for the final Accreditation readiness.

AdvancED had done their final Accreditation readiness visit on November-5, 2017 which was led by Judy Moss and other team members include Dr.Cindy Crawford and Dr. Nandini Rangarajan. Professor Dr.Nandini Rangarajan is from Texas State University who knows Tamil very well helped translate the Tamil text and conversation to the rest of the AdvanceED team members.

As part of this process, AdvancED team had done an extensive interview with parents, students, volunteers and they have visited every class room and observed the method of teaching by our volunteer teachers.
AdvancED team was very impressed with the way the Austin Tamil School operates and they are happy with the processes being followed hence they have recommended for Accreditation.

As per their recommendation, Texas State and National Board has accepted the recommendation and the Accreditation certification issued to Austin Tamil School in Mar 2018.

It is a duty of Tamil people who live in Austin to preserve this prestigious Accreditation. Congratulations to the Austin Tamil School Parents, Students and volunteers on this significant achievement.

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