Julie Oliver (for Congress Dist 25) talks to the South Asian Community at the Baqai House

admin@qs3 | September 13, 2018

By Sumaiya Malik
Julie Oliver (running for Congress District 25) was a guest of the Baqai family on September 8. They had invited her to meet the South Asian community to familiarize the community with Oliver’s campaign and to help Oliver learn about the community’s concerns. “Something is magnificently shifting in Texas,” Oliver beamed. Her friendly demeanor and ability to communicate added the human-to-human connection that everyone craves for in the current political scenario.

If Julie Oliver could talk to everyone in all 13 counties of Texas before the upcoming November mid-term elections, she would. She has driven 40,000 miles in her car to reach every corner of Texas and even to the most Republican places she can find to convince Texans that she has a plan that will help them because she herself has been through the toughest of times. Her story is compelling. It meanders through a life of utter defeat to resolute success all because she had sheer determination and the backing of a loving mother.

Oliver is a healthcare advocate, lawyer, accountant and working mom with 20 years of experience in healthcare and taxation. But her life started out on a completely different path. When Oliver was in high school, she dropped and ran away from home. Three months out she got pregnant and decided to come back home feeling quite defeated. Her single mother embraced her only child, and Oliver went back to school. She became a mom in the senior year and graduated to go to UT Arlington for under graduate studies and then to UT Austin Law School.

Oliver stood in the Baqais living room and proudly announced that her 28-year-old daughter is now a PhD candidate and she has three more children and a loving husband. She graduated debt free because of government offered programs that are now under threat of being cancelled under the Trump administration. Her concerns were more for healthcare finance where she has worked for the past fifteen years.

She said that she did not ever envision running for office, but “I made a decision to run so that I could protect my son”. Oliver talked about her son being born with health challenges. Once she decided to run, she came across Ben, a child who got hit by a car and is now in dire need to special medical attention every day of his life. Oliver talked about managed Medicaid and the dwindling benefits that are a daily issue for everyone.

One way to pay for dwindling benefits she said was through taxation of campaign reforms. She supports taxation of these funds to make available funds for Medicare.

Immigration is on her mind too. “Immigrants make our economy strong,” said Oliver who believes that DACA recipients should be allowed residency. She added, “Texas does not need a wall.” It would be a waste of 30 billion dollars.

“Think of Ben, my son, rural hospitals at risk of closing, failing nursing homes… This is the most important election. We need democrats to sweep the senate [and congress].” She asked everyone present to bring at least 3 people to vote with him or her.

When asked if there would be a live debate with the incumbent Roger Williams. Oliver said that her campaign has repeatedly tried to contact the incumbent’s office, but Williams is not willing to even answer their calls for a live debate. Oliver thinks her opponent knows that he will be unable to face her.

According to Oliver she needs 90,000 people to turn out in Travis county to win this election. It is entirely possible, she said, as things are on a big shift and the discontentment of people is obvious. “I’m running for Congress because it’s time for honest, decent working Texans like us to end the status quo and to take our country back from the extremist minority.”

She gives credit to Senator Lloyd Doggett for setting the pace of communication with the constituents. She said he always makes it a point to talk to his people to hear feedback and work through any issues they may face.

Oliver was available to answer questions. The Baqais raised money for her campaign. No amount is too little, they said. For more information, please visit https://oliver2018.com/

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