Mayor Of London, Sadiq Khan, Friendly & Approachable At SXSW

admin@qs3 | March 26, 2018

By Sumaiya Malik
Sadiq Khan, the mayor of Greater London Authority, is the first political personality from UK to

deliver a keynote speech at SXSW. On March 12, Khan talked to an audience of 2500 at the Convention Center about the responsibility of Social Media and the checks and balances that need to be even stronger to protect the privacy of people using it. He praised the Americans for their tolerance and respect for liberty, talking also about the best friendship between the two nations. He was quick to hint at the Trump administration to be on a different page regarding opinions against people than the rest of the US.

Khan’s popularity shot to fame as the first Muslim mayor of London elected with the largest single mandate. He is popular in the US for taking a stand against the tweets of President Trump and policies that divide.

Before the keynote address, Sadiq Khan, seemed relaxed walked around the SXSW area to meet people and take selfies with star struck locals and visitor attendees. He was willing to answer on the spot questions too.

Take away from his keynote speech:

1. Social media is being used to invite hatred. There is a need to regulate fake news on Facebook (50% of the US is a member) is damaging to an educated electorate. Tech companies have a social responsibility.
2. Khan said, “The US is a beacon of tolerance and liberty. We enjoy your music. On relations of being best friends, we stand shoulder to shoulder with [the US]. One consequence of best friendship is that when you disagree with them, you have to call them out. You have to tell them you are wrong and here is why… “ He regretted that the president of the US does not seem to speak for the larger masses.
3. Austin is “full of good things.”
4. London is one of the most diverse cities in the world, 300 languages. As a nation United Kingdom is becoming polarized. In the US and in countries across Europe it is the same. And this is evident in the rise of populism. There are undeniable common threats.
5. Twitter and You tube have made it easier to remain in touch with those we love, but understandably there are growing concerns how they have impacted the wellbeing in society. The platforms have been used to exacerbate and deepen a crack in our society.
6. Khan shared hate mails received by him: “Deport all Muslims. Make London white again.” Such tweets only cause harm. Capable individuals might refrains from coming into the limelight.

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