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admin@qs3 | January 4, 2018

By Diksha Verma

Austin- Earlier this month, Sankara Eye Foundation (SEF) held its first free eye clinic in the United States at Shadowglean Elementary School in Manor School District.

Austin- Earlier this month, Sankara Eye Foundation (SEF) held its first free eye clinic in the United States at Shadowglean Elementary School in Manor School District.

This unique outreach event was the first of its kind for SEF, providing free on-site eye checkups and prescription glasses to underprivileged children in the Austin area.

Over 70 children were provided with vision services to help alleviate their vision impairments, a feat made possible through the partnership of Sankara Eye Foundation with the Essilor Vision Foundation.

Sankara Eye foundation has pursued many such endeavors in the past, but never in the United States.

Founded in 1998 by executive chairman Mr. K. Muralidharan, his brother K. Sridharan, and Ahmad Khushnood, Sankara Eye Foundation is an organization aiming to eradicate curable blindness in India. India has the highest population of the blind with 80 percent of these cases being curable.

SEF provides over 150,000 free eye surgeries in India every year, and till date has provided over 1.6 million eye surgeries through their 8 hospitals located in India.

Their mission is to reach out to the rural poor in India and provide cost free quality eye care to the needy by building eye care hospitals around this country.

In addition to the eight existing hospitals, SEF has inaugurated a 9th hospital in Jaipur this month with three more hospital construction projects in progress, expanding the quality and quantity of eye care services being provided to the underserved populations of India.

In these hospitals, doctors can provide preventative, curative, and rehabilitative eye care in areas including but not limited to cataract eye disease, diabetic retinopathy, retinoblastoma, glaucoma, and amblyopia

Sankara Eye Foundation has recently expanded this vision across international borders by hosting its first Free Eye Clinic in the United States, providing their vision services to underprivileged children from Pre-K to 5th grade.
This volunteer lead initiative was only possible due to the generous donations received during the Sankara Eye Foundation Fundraiser held to sponsor this clinic.

Donations totaling around 3,000 dollars were used in its entirety to sponsor a mobile bus unit containing a lab and clinic provided by the Essilor Vision Foundation.

The charitable work done by this organization allows millions of individuals with curable blindness and visual impairments to obtain an independent lifestyle and reintegrate themselves into society, a noble cause that many volunteers across India and America continually support.

The local Austin SEF Chapter has stepped up to the challenge and helped further the goal of SEF by hosting Sankara Eye Foundation’s first free eye clinic in the United States.

To learn more about Sankara Eye Foundation please visit

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