South Asian Community Lends Support To Mayor Adler’s Reelection

admin@qs3 | June 12, 2018

By Archana Vemulapalli
Seema Govil
Photo credit Srivas Photography

The South Asian Community recently threw a fundraiser gala for Mayor Steve Adler, bringing in the largest number of new donors to his reelection campaign thus far.

The evening started with a short introduction by attorney Pooja Sethi, who owns an immigration law firm and hence pays special attention to the policies and politics in Austin.

She noted that Mayor Adler has undertaken several initiatives to ensure the Austin community is inclusive, progressive, and diverse — from appointing the first female Indian Chief of Staff, Lesley Verghese, to continuously supporting initiatives that champion the integration of various communities. Sethi highlighted the pride Austinites feel to have Steve Adler as Mayor.

Mayor Adler took the stage to address the community gathered to support his reelection bid, and he gave an inspiring speech about the many progressive strides that Austin has made recently.

Mayor Adler called Austin a magical place with its unique, laid back culture, saying, “From Barton Springs to the food – Austin is a place that attracts people from all over and we are in the spotlight.” Austin is now one of the bigger metropolitans and is being touted as an example.

No city has done it right yet so let’s be that pioneer to get that sense of community, inclusivity right,” he said. Adler then touched upon topics such as infrastructure & roads. The removal of traffic lights on 360 elicited a huge hoorah from the crowd. He also discussed Code Next — both its merits and concerns — as well as the expansion of Austin Bergstrom Airport and the addition of more domestic & international flights.

He also discussed the possibility of having a professional soccer team that brings about team spirit and pride for the city. Before taking questions he recalled an anecdote about his recent visit to India and his chance meeting with Dalai Lama there.

A little 10 year old girl asked him about whether he thinks east Austin is getting gentrified too rapidly. He responded saying that it definitely is and that growth needs to be measured.

Then a small boy lightened the mood by asking if we could have longer weekends. Unfortunately, Mayor Adler said, as much as he would love to, he can’t grant us that wish!

The Mayor stayed afterward and conversed with constituents and supporters. Many interesting conversations ensued throughout the evening.

It was truly a fantastic fundraiser that allowed for dialog and for the Asian American to participate and get involved with a sense of civic duty and strengthen our city and community.