BAPS Charities Hosts Walk Green 2018 In Austin, TX

admin@qs3 | June 12, 2018

By Ashish Patel

Community members of all ages came out with their families to support the annual BAPS Charities Walk Green 2018 in Austin, Texas on Sunday, April 29.

2018 marks the third year that the annual BAPS Charities walkathon will benefit The Nature Conservancy and their effort to conserve the lands and waters on earth to sustain life for upcoming generations.

BAPS Charities will contribute $165,000, an equivalent of planting 130,000 trees, to The Nature Conservancy to support their initiative to plant a billion trees globally by 2025.
Altogether, over 287 participants attended the walk. “Coming out to support BAPS Charities is always rewarding, and it makes me feel proud to be helping The Nature Conservancy and its Plant a Billion Trees campaign.

It is a great way for me to teach my children about protecting the planet and accepting environmental responsibility,” said Kamlesh Patel from Austin, who has participated in the BAPS Charities Walk Green efforts for the past three years.

BAPS Charities uses these opportunities to instill a spirit of service and commitment to preservation and environmental responsibility in community members.

Events such as this help instill consciousness in community members surrounding their actions, and, in turn, helps inspire global harmony with nature.

Commenting on activities of BAPS Charities, Ronak Amin said, “I am always impressed when I attend an event hosted by BAPS Charities.

Whether it is their annual walkathon event, Children’s Health and Safety Day, or a food drive they can engage community members of all ages in the spirit of service.”

About BAPS Charities

BAPS Charities is a global charity active in nine countries across five continents.

Volunteers drive its efforts, dedicating a portion of their lives in selfless service of others, both in their local neighborhoods as well as globally.

Working in five key areas, BAPS Charities aims to express a spirit of selfless service through Health Awareness, Educational Services, Humanitarian Relief, Environmental Protection & Preservation and Community Empowerment.

From organizing Walkathons that raise funds for local and global needs, to supporting humanitarian relief in times of urgent need; from hosting community health fairs to sustaining hospitals and schools in developing countries, BAPS Charities provides an opportunity for individuals wishing to serve locally and globally.

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